StagePics’ Services

StagePics is a hobby business that exists to provide high quality photographs of stage shows in Central Scotland.

Our Services

The normal StagePics end product is a data DVD that contains photographs of the show’s dress rehearsal.  Typically there will be somewhere over 250 photographs of the rehearsal, and I always strive to take photographs of chorus as well as of the principals.  The disc’s label is printed with the name of the show, the company and the dates of the show, and is presented in a handsome DVD-style case with an attractively-printed inlay card.

I have two routes to providing photographs to theatre companies:

Normal Package

In the Normal Package:

  • the club commits to a minimum purchase of twelve photo discs from me, at a cost to the club of £100.
  • extra discs are available from me for £8 each
  • the club gathers orders and presents me with an order for discs; I deliver the discs to a chosen club member when convenient

In return, the club gets

  • free headshots for the principals and club photos (I come along to a rehearsal and take the pictures)
  • (on a best efforts basis) a selection of photographs on the same evening as the dress rehearsal that the club can print and use for Front of House or publicity purposes
  • the chance to sell the photo discs to its members at whatever price the club thinks fit (I normally recommend £10 each – giving the club a small profit on the deal!)

Website Sales Package

The Website Sales package does not involve the club in any form of commitment.  Instead, I photograph the dress rehearsal and sell discs of the show via this web site.  The discs are normally sold at £10 each.

Clubs adopting this approach do not get the benefit of headshots or of Front Of House pictures, but these can be purchased separately if desired (Headshots are £50, Front Of House  pictures £25).

In All Cases

In all cases, these photographs are taken on a “best efforts” basis.  If my equipment should fail on the day of the dress rehearsal or I am unable to photograph the show, there is no financial comeback to me as a result.

With the club’s permission, I will try publicise the club’s show on facebook and other social media.

I also ask permission of the club to post a single photograph in my “Photo A Day” project though if the club is not comfortable with that I am happy to refrain from posting on that site